The hidden value in loss

Losing something big carves out a space inside me. This isn’t just emptiness; it’s room for something new. When I lose, I’m freed up to move and grow. The challenge lies in resisting the temptation to fill this space with the familiar. Instead, seek out the new and unexpected.

Why? Because everything in my life grows until it reaches its limit. What I’ve lost had reached its peak for me and had served its purpose, making my world bigger in the process. Now, with more room, I can invite even greater experiences into my life.

Every loss is a step in expanding my world, not just in size but in richness and complexity, adding layers that deepen our experience. It’s about evolution, preparing me for what’s next. By embracing this cycle of losing and gaining, I continuously widen my horizons, enriching my life until the end. Don’t fear loss.