What’s my name

The idea of leaving my birthplace unleashed an unexpected freedom within me, transforming my perspective on identity. It felt like facing a blank canvas, free to choose any color or stroke. Suddenly, the elements defining me—my name, my heritage—felt like choices rather than givens. This realization opened a world of possibilities, challenging me to think deeply about who I am beyond the constraints of society and family.

Questioning everything from my name to my core beliefs, I embarked on a journey not just of physical relocation but of profound self-discovery. This process wasn’t about rejecting my past but about selectively carrying forward parts of my story while embracing the opportunity to write new chapters. It became clear that this journey was less about where I was going and more about the exploration of self it prompted.

Navigating this journey taught me that identity is fluid, shaped by ongoing choices and experiences, a thrilling adventure of self-discovery and reinvention beyond the usual limits.